Sunday 10 April 2011

Spring Harvest Day 1

I’m at Spring Harvest this week, as part of the adult team, involved in morning learning zones and afternoon seminars.

The theme this year is ‘Route 66’, providing an opportunity to dig deeper into Scripture. Each of the morning zones (largely embracing different modes of learning – ‘think’, ‘watch’, ‘talk’, ‘do’, ‘create’, etc.) will explore key metaphors for understanding the nature of Scripture as well as appropriating its significance for today (more on this in further posts, if I’m able to keep up the discipline of writing them).

Bible readings each morning are from Malachi, which will hopefully provide an opportunity to demonstrate some of the principles covered in the learning zones, exploring a (probably) relatively unknown book in its entirety and setting it in the wider biblical story.

The Bible focus in the evening Big Top Celebrations will be on passages which highlight some aspects of the work of the Holy Spirit – this first evening on a ‘God-breathed text – 2 Timothy 3:10-17’.

I hope the Spring Harvest crowd – here at Minehead and ‘up north’ at Skegness – benefits from the combination of different types of input along with all the other opportunities the event brings.

[This was written yesterday – on Day 1 – but I have been unable to post it until today, Day 2...]

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Anonymous said...

Really good to get these 'real time' updates from the festival as it unfolds. Looking forward to hearing more as the week goes on...