Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Krish Kandiah on Navigating Life with the Bible

Krish Kandiah, Route 66: A Crash Course in Navigating Life with the Bible (Oxford: Monarch, 2011), 192pp., ISBN 9780857210180.

‘Route 66’ is the theme for this year’s Spring Harvest, and Krish Kandiah’s book of the same title is one of its main resources.

The book is mentioned in the latest Biblefresh newsletter, which also links to a pdf excerpt.

I was privileged to read a pre-publication manuscript of the book back in October last year and, if I’d got my act together in time, I would have been very happy to have written a blurb to join all the others recommending it. I’ll certainly be adding it to my future lists of recommended items on biblical genres and on introductory material on reading the Bible.

Krish has an enviable ability to use story and anecdote and self-deprecactory autobiographical snippets to excellent advantage in making points. And yet, he manages to cover the salient issues about each of the major biblical genres in a concise and engaging way, linking them with Bible studies and suggestions for small groups.

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