Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Mark Snowden on Bible Storying

The January-February issue of Lausanne World Pulse contains a three-part article by Mark Snowden on Bible Storying:

Bible Storying in America, Part 1: An Overview

In part one, the author asks, Are those who genuinely seek to make disciples of all peoples in America actually making disciples? If not, why?

Bible Storying in America, Part 2: The Details

At least half of all Americans prefer what is called an ‘oral’ approach to communicating and learning. The author explains that several characteristics serve as indicators for disciple-makers: (1) reading abilities for continuous prose, like that found in the Bible; (2) when people use printed text when not required by work, study, or leisure activities; and (3) discipling at the heart language addressed by both Bible availability and worldview issues.

Bible Storying in America, Part 3: How to Do It

Bible storying is a narrative presentation to convey a series of Bible stories that are discussed after they are told orally. There are many different ways to present the gospel or lead a small group. The author gives a simplified guide.

The Executive Summary of the whole issue is available here and the full text is available here.

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