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The Bible in Transmission (Winter 2010)

The Winter 2010 edition of Bible Society’s excellent publication, The Bible in Transmission, was devoted to the topic of ‘sovereignty’.

As David Spriggs explains in the editorial:

‘Sovereignty is becoming ever more contested from without through a globalised world and from within by our ethnically and religiously diverse country. So as citizens we do well to pay attention to it. As Christians we do doubly well because the Bible, our faith and our Christian heritage has much to offer in terms of resources and insights for the contested understandings of sovereignty.’

David Spriggs

Editorial: Planting Flags in the Twenty-First Century?

Ellen F. Davis

A Living Creature: A Biblical Perspective on Land Care and Use

We need a new paradigm for our understanding of the earth as our current approach to food production and land sovereignty is unsustainable. Ellen Davis considers biblically informed, practical alternatives.

George Gelber

Sovereignty Over Natural Resources: An African Perspective

Despite huge natural resources, Africa has relatively failed to progress. External pressures on the sovereignty of African states, together with the necessary lack of appropriate internal mediating structures for effective sovereignty, means that the continent’s problems will not be easily solved.

David McIlroy

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

The idea of humanitarian intervention in a foreign state is controversial and raises important questions about state sovereignty, human rights and the extent of political responsibility. Is there a Christian basis for such action?

Philip Booth

Subsidiarity and Education Policy

How far does and should sovereignty reach into the lives of communities and individuals? With reference to the issue of education, the author argues that of the two principles of solidarity and subsidiarity, it is the latter which should have the stronger influence in education.

Angus Richie

Community Organising: Contributing to the Renewal of Politics

Sovereignty can, and should, be diffused rather than being concentrated in the power of the state. Community organising is one way we can contribute to the renewal of politics, as demonstrated by Citizens UK and the Living Wage Campaign.

Nick Spencer

Shaping National Sovereignty: The Bible and British Politics

A discussion of the impact of identity on the concept of sovereignty. The Bible has played a significant and formative role in shaping the British political landscape and will continue to do so.

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James Catford

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