Friday 29 October 2010

Southern Baptist Journal of Theology 14, 3 (2010) on Galatians

The latest Southern Baptist Journal of Theology is now out, this fascicle being devoted to Galatians (with the table of contents viewable here).

In the editorial, Stephen J. Wellum notes the significance of Galatians in the history of the church and of Christian theology, offering three reasons for the ‘absolute importance’ of its message for contemporary Christians:

1. ‘Galatians reminds us that every generation must re-commit itself to standing for the gospel in the midst of the perennial danger of compromise and potential loss of the gospel.’

2. ‘Galatians reminds us of the importance of affirming, proclaiming, and living out the implications of the gospel centered in the doctrine of justification by grace through faith.’

3. ‘Galatians, like such books as Romans and Hebrews, also helps us put our Bibles together by unpacking how God’s eternal plan progressively unfolds and develops across redemptive history ultimately culminating in Christ.’

As usual, some articles are made available as samples:

Jason S. DeRouchie and Jason C. Meyer

‘Christ or Family as the “Seed” of Promise? An Evaluation of N.T. Wright on Galatians 3:16’

Christopher W. Cowan

‘Context Is Everything: “The Israel of God” in Galatians 6:16’

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