Friday 8 October 2010

Michael S. Horton with R. Scott Clark

Having mentioned Michael Scott Horton’s forthcoming volume on systematic theology, I thought I would also link to a conversation/interview between him and R. Scott Clark at ‘Office Hours’ from Westminster Seminary California. The mp3 is available here.

Clark asks him several questions about systematic theology, how his volume fits with others that have been produced, whether there are any biblical models of systematic theology in Scripture, the history of systematic theology writing, and more besides.

Horton says he is trying to do something between Bavinck’s Dogmatics and Berkhof’s Systematic Theology, and hopes that his volume will help people think not only about the connections between doctrines, but also their historical-theological development. He says he anticipates that people will dip into it as a reference work, but also hopes that thoughtful lay people will read it and use it as a launch pad to get into the Scripture and think through the coherence of its teaching.

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