Saturday 9 October 2010

Mark Fackler on Big Ideas of the Bible

Mark Fackler (ed.), Big Ideas of the Bible: 101 Key Theological Concepts Explained in Everyday Language (Uhrichsville: Barbour Publishing, 2010), 240pp., ISBN 9781602606975.

Here’s another helpful book to add to the number currently on offer which do biblical theology by exploring themes across the whole Bible. This one is arranged alphabetically, moving from Adoption to Worship, taking in major biblical themes (e.g., Covenant, God, Salvation) as well as not-so major themes (e.g., Bridegroom, Joy, Renewal) along the way. Illustrated with colour photographs, and with two pages for each entry, this would make a helpful guide for someone just starting out in exploring the Bible, complementing the systematic reading of passages with a sense of the topics which span the whole of Scripture.

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