Friday 1 March 2024

Christian History Magazine on Stories Worth Retelling

The special 150th issue of Christian History Magazine is devoted to ‘Stories Worth Retelling’.

From the blurb:

‘In 1982, founder Ken Curtis set out a mission for our unique publication: a magazine that seeks to tell the whole story of the church, acknowledging its full and honest story while also seeing the best in each faith tradition. For 41 years and through 150 issues, Christian History has tried to do just that.

‘Find out what makes Christian History Christian history in this special issue. Rediscover with us stories worth retelling – stories that have captured the imagination and interest of our readers throughout the years and the eras of the church. Don’t miss this fascinating issue of readers’ favorites from 150 editions of Christian History.’

The whole magazine is available as a 12.8 MB pdf here.

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