Monday 8 May 2023

9Marks Journal (April 2023) on Christian Authoritarianism

The latest issue of the 9Marks Journal, available from here, looks at the topic of ‘A New Christian Authoritarianism? Christian Nationalism, Theonomy, and Magisterial Protestantism’.

In the Editor’s Note, Jonathan Leeman writes:

‘A pastor’s own theological development should include what the academic crowd calls political theology. Political theology is that area of theology that helps us to situate churches on the landscape of the nations and their governments, like pins on a map. It includes topics like the relationship between church and state, religious liberty, views on Christ and culture, the duties of citizenship, as well as what’s appropriate for preachers to preach about an upcoming election…

‘Faithful pastors rightly deplore the politicizing of the pulpit – employing the pulpit for partisan or policy-program ends. Doing so subverts the agenda of Jesus’s heavenly kingdom to earthly ones. Still, your political theology, like your eschatology and your view of the biblical covenants, will shape your view of the church’s mission. Therefore, it’s a necessary topic for pastoral study.’

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