Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Lausanne Global Analysis 11, 2 (March 2022)

The latest issue of Lausanne Global Analysis, from The Lausanne Movement, is available online from here, including pdfs of individual articles as below.

Kirst Rievan

The Projectisation of Missions: Enlightenment Thinking or Biblical Model?

Victor John and Dave Coles

Multiplying Disciples in the ‘Graveyard of Missions’: The Bhojpuri Pattern for Church Planting Among the Unreached

Nestor Abdon

Becoming ‘Christ’s Cell’ for Migrants: A Model for Diaspora Hospitality Ministry from The Peoples Church of Toronto

I’Ching Thomas

The Dilemma of Personal Salvation in Collective Cultures: Engaging Filial Piety from a Missional Standpoint

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