Friday 11 March 2022

Zoomed Out?

Zoomed Out? is the product of a six-month research process involving over 600 worshippers from the Church of England. The report details Anglican experiences of church during Covid, and explores how lessons from the pandemic can inform the church’s practice moving forward.

The main take-away points are highlighted as follows:

• Online church did not function as a wholesale substitute for onsite church to the satisfaction of the majority

• Online communion was rarely experienced as communion

• Face-to-face contact was a lifeline for many

• Even online, it’s important to be face-to-face

• Anglican experiences of distanced church were incredibly varied

• The return to the church building threatens to exclude the many worshippers who are still shielding from Covid

• The poorest and the oldest are often the least well-equipped to engage online

Further information is available from here, and the report is available to download as a pdf here.

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