Tuesday 4 January 2022

Conversations That Count

The C.S. Lewis Institute has put together a small group resource called ‘Conversations That Count: An Introduction to Apologetics for and by Women’.

They note that ‘while the questions in apologetics are for the most part the same for both men and women, in recent years, female Christian apologists have provided some important and unique perspectives to the discipline borne out of their own experiences as women sharing their faith with others’.

The course covers six key topics and is organised into seven small group sessions, including an orientation session. Each of the six topics has most of the following components:

• Key Bible verse for memorisation and meditation

• An article written by a Christian woman with expertise in the topic

• A video lecture given by a female Christian apologist (Amy Orr-Ewing or Jana Harmon)

• Discussion questions for your small group

• Conversational apologetics practice

See here for the start of the course.

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