Friday 15 October 2021

Jim Memory on Europe in 2021

The Lausanne Movement has just posted a piece by Jim Memory on ‘The Extraordinary Re-Evangelization of Europe’.

It’s an excerpt from a recent report he has written, which Chris Wright has called ‘essential reading for all those who, in any part of the world, are concerned about mission in, from, and to the continent of Europe’.

The report, which is well worth checking out and reading, is available via Vista, with more information available here.

‘The report identifies the crucial issues and trends which are shaping the context for Christian mission in Europe today. It provides an analysis of the key political, economic, social, environmental, and technological trends; of the most important spiritual challenges; and of the shifts in mission thinking that are impacting the practice of Christian mission today. And in every case, it considers how the Covid-19 has impacted these trends.

‘The report concludes with an exploration of the implications that each of these trends has for those of us who are involved in Christian mission in Europe today.’

The Report is available to download here, and an accompanying Discussion Guide can be downloaded here.

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