Monday 6 September 2021

Christian History Magazine on C.S. Lewis

The latest issue of Christian History Magazine is devoted to the topic of ‘Jack at Home: C.S. Lewis and those who knew him best’.

Here’s the issue blurb:

‘Why are we still so fascinated with C.S. Lewis? The list of reasons is long: he is one of the most famous fantasy authors of the 20th century; he was an accomplished scholar, a prominent Christian, and a gifted apologist. His books remain bestsellers, and movies have been based on his life and works. For many, C.S. Lewis is larger than life. But sometimes his fame gets in the way of us seeing him as a person. In this new issue on Lewis, CH shows you the man behind the fame: not just as an apologist, fantasy author, and scholar, but as a son, brother, friend, mentor, student, teacher, husband, and stepfather. Meet his ancestors, family, and many of his friends – all of whom were as fascinating as he. Discover C.S. Lewis in a new light, or meet him for the first time in this latest issue of Christian History.”

The whole magazine is available as a 16.1 MB pdf here.

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