Tuesday 1 June 2021

Foundations 80 (Spring 2021)

Issue 80 of Foundations: An International Journal of Evangelical Theology, published by Affinity, is now available (here in its entirety as a pdf), which includes the below essays.

Here is the issue blurb:

‘Issue 80 includes a sobering and yet hopeful piece by Sharon James on how we may offer grace to those submerged in a therapeutic culture; Mark J. Lawson reflecting on the thorny issue of how the church responded to the curtailment of its freedoms during the pandemic; Stephen Lloyd critiques four books that seek to explain Covid-19 in the light of God's sovereignty; Ivor MacDonald looks at the often-neglected rural context for mission and evangelism; and Alasdair Macleod surveys the history of Scottish Presbyterianism during the twentieth century.’

Donald John MacLean

Sharon James

“It’s All About Me!”: Ministry in a Therapeutic Culture

Mark J. Larson

The Christian and the Civil Magistrate

Stephen Lloyd

COVID-19 and Creation: Megaphones, Mystery and Lament

Ivor MacDonald

Distinctives of the Rural Context for Christian Mission

Alasdair J. Macleod

The Union of 1929 and What Came After: Developments in Mainline Scottish Presbyterianism in the 20th Century

Stephen Clark

Review Article: Systematic Theology by Robert Letham

Book Reviews

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