Monday 5 April 2021

Peter Cotterell (1930-2021)

In just one part of a richly-textured life, Peter Cotterell served as Principal of London Bible College (which then became London School of Theology) from 1990 to 1995, having taught at the college since 1976.

He was willing (or perhaps open to persuasion from others?) to give me my first proper ‘adult’ job as a member of faculty at London Bible College in 1991 – which seems all the more amazing to me since I know I had my ‘difficult’ moments as a student, and I recall crossing swords with Peter on more than one occasion.

My abiding memory is that the college thrived during his time as Principal. Peter knew his limitations, and drew around himself a team of people – most of whom were completely different from him – who would get things done. And they did.

In my experience, Peter was the very best kind of delegator as a boss. He gave you a job, and expected you to get on with it, and you genuinely felt like you had his trust in you to do so. The line management he had put in place was there when it was needed, but I never felt like he was looking disappointedly over my shoulder. The ethos that he established during his time as Principal shaped me in significant ways.

London School of Theology has a page about Peter here, where they also post a short video of Peter talking about his time at the School here.

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