Friday 17 July 2020

Jennie Pollock on Contentment

Jennie Pollock, If Only: Finding Joyful Contentment in the Face of Lack and Longing (The Good Book Company, 2020).

I was asked to write a commendation for the above book – and was very happy to do so. Now that the book is out, I’ve pasted the commendation below.

‘If you’ve ever wrestled with the ‘contentment gap’ – the difference between our expectation of what life should be like and our actual experience – then this is for you. Here’s a book that draws you in and helps you feel like you’re enjoying a chat over a coffee with a friend. In writing that is thoughtful, evocative and warmly practical, reflections on Scripture intersect with real-life stories to point to the God who is not only there, but who is also good, enough, and utterly worthy of our commitment.’

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