Wednesday 19 February 2020

Word and World 8 (January 2020)

‘Hope for Creation’ is the theme of the latest issue of Word and World, published by IFES. The issue contains the below pieces, and is available as a pdf here.

Las G. Newman
Is There Hope for Creation?
As climate change and its devastating consequences accelerate, we ask: is there still hope for creation? In this article, Las Newman takes a biblical and practical look at the relationship between faith in Christ and our attitude to creation care.

Ruth Hicks de Olmedo
Good News for the Whole Creation: Creation Care at University Campuses in Ecuador
We all know we should care for God’s creation – but how? What might that look like on campus? Find out how one student group in Ecuador changed environmental attitudes and practices in their university.

Andrew Shepherd
Creaturely Theology: Sharing Life and Worship with Other Species
As followers of Jesus, what should our response be to the enormous loss of biodiversity happening in our generation? Andrew Shepherd invites us to recognise non-human animals as our fellow creatures, breathed into life by God as his agents and our fellow-worshippers.

Pablo Pistilli
Pessimistic Theology and Its Impact on the World Today
Pablo Pistilli from Argentina invites readers to move beyond a pessimistic theology to caring for God’s creation.

E. Daniel Cárdenas-Vásquez
Feeding the Poor: Genetically Engineered Foods and Care for the Entire Creation
Genetically modified food is widely considered as detrimental to the farming communities who produce it. But have we misjudged it? Cárdenas-Vásquez proposes that genetically engineered foods could be a way to feed those in most need and proclaim good news to the poor.

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