Monday 6 January 2020

Anvil 35, 3 (2019)

The latest edition of Anvil is available online, this one including several pieces devoted to the theme of ‘Church: Inside Out?’

In the Editorial, Jame Butler writes:

‘This issue of Anvil began life as a CMS Pioneer Conversations day back in March of this year, exploring church and mission. The questions around “What is church?” and identifying whether something “is church” are well rehearsed and many innovative and helpful things have been written, but the reality is that these questions remain pertinent to those working in fresh expressions and pioneer ministry. The title of the conversations day, and of this issue, “Church: Inside Out?”, was an attempt to raise some of these questions in a fresh way.

‘All the contributions to this issue push us to reconsider our understanding of church and suggest that the church, and certainly the work of the Holy Spirit, goes beyond our carefully drawn lines and our own expectations.’

Individual articles are available from here, and the whole issue can be downloaded as a pdf here.

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