Thursday 7 February 2019

Mission Frontiers 41, 1 (January-February 2019)

The January-February 2019 issue of Mission Frontiers, published by the U.S. Center for World Mission, contains a number of articles responding to the questions: ‘Is the end of extreme poverty in sight? What’s working?’

According to the introductory blurb:

‘This issue takes a closer look at extreme poverty and examines the problems as well as potential worldwide solutions. Extreme poverty is a state of life for many that warrants significant concern, but this issue looks at ways to address that poverty globally that could potentially make it a thing of the past. You may be challenged to rethink some of your own ideas about poverty, foreign aid and financial assistance as you delve into this issue about what works and what doesn’t. Could we see the end of extreme poverty in our lifetime? Our January-February 2019 issue addresses that hopeful possibility.’

Individual articles can be accessed from here, and the whole issue can be downloaded as a pdf here.

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