Wednesday 5 December 2018

Bulletin of Ecclesial Theology 5, 2 (2018)

The latest issue of the Bulletin of Ecclesial Theology is now available, the second of two fascicles on the historical Adam. This one carrying the below essays (alas, the summaries in Gerald Hiestand’s editorial relate to the previous issue rather than this one), and several book reviews which ‘likewise focus both on both contemporary and classic works relating to the Historical Adam, original sin, and theological anthropology’.

The issue is available from here via a painless sign-up link.

J. Ryan Davidson
All the Generations from Adam to this Day: The Place of Adam in the Apostolic Fathers

Jonathan Huggins
N.T. Wright on the Historical Adam

Michael LeFebvre
Adam Reigns in Eden: Genesis and the Origin of Kingship

Benjamin Petroelje
The Plight and Solution of the Primitive Person

Joshua Philpot
See the True and Better Adam: Typology and Human Origins

Book Reviews

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