Thursday 30 August 2018

Southern Baptist Journal of Theology 22, 1 (2018) on Vocation

The current issue of the Southern Baptist Journal of Theology is devoted to the topic of vocation, with the below contributions.

Individual essays are available from here, and the whole issue can be downloaded as a pdf here.

Stephen J. Wellum
Editorial: Thinking Theologically about Vocation and Work

Robert L. Plummer
A New Testament Professor’s Rediscovery of the Doctrine of Vocation

Megan DeVore
“The Labors of our Occupation”: Can Augustine Offer Any Insight on Vocation?

Leland Ryken
“Some Kind of Life to Which We Are Called of God”: The Puritan Doctrine of Vocation

Michael A. G. Haykin
English Calvinistic Baptists and Vocation in the Long Eighteenth Century, with Particular Reference to Anne Dutton’s Calling as an Author

David Kotter
Milkmaids No More: Revisiting Luther’s Doctrine of Vocation from the Perspective of a “Gig” Economy

Elizabeth Mehlman
The Work and Faith of Theological Scholars: Converging Lessons from James 2 and Luther’s Doctrine of Vocation

Andrew David Naselli
Do Not Love the World: Breaking the Evil Enchantment of Worldliness (A Sermon on 1 John 2:15-17)

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