Saturday, 30 September 2017

Encounters 47 (September 2017) on Hospitality and Mission

After a four-year hiatus, Encounters, a mission journal from Redcliffe College, has just been relaunched.

Out twice a year, and featuring ‘articles from Redcliffe faculty, as well as drawing on a wide range of missiologists and mission practitioners from around the world’, Encounters ‘aims to stimulate and resource the global missions community and provide a space for those involved in mission to express and exchange their views on a variety of contemporary issues’.

The new issue contains several articles looking ‘at the vibrant interplay between hospitality and mission’. Individual pieces can be accessed here, and the whole issue is available as a pdf here.

Archived editions of Encounters can be downloaded from here.


Tim Davy said...

Thanks for the post Antony, it's good to be back!

Antony said...

Thanks Tim – it was great to see the notification come into the inbox! All the best – Antony