Saturday 1 October 2016

Knowing and Doing (Fall 2016)

The Fall 2016 edition of Knowing & Doing – ‘A Teaching Quarterly for Discipleship of Heart and Mind’ – from the C.S. Lewis Institute is now available online (here as a pdf), and contains the following articles:

Joel Woodruff
President’s Letter
Joel S. Woodruff, President of the C.S. Lewis Institute, receives a phone call about a sudden death. This loss has been seen as a wake up call to many, prompting the questions, are we asleep in the Light, walking in the Light, or asleep in the dark?

Mark Neal
The Surprising Imagination of C.S. Lewis
C.S. Lewis used imaginative depiction to enable readers to see a particular thing or truth more clearly. This article explores one of his greatest powers as an author.

Art Lindsley
How Will They Know? They Will Know Them by Their Love 
Is there an intrinsic basis for an atheist to encourage love and forgiveness? In this article, the uniqueness of Christ's love in theory and practice is shown.

Sandy Smith
Surprised by Belfast: Significant Sites in the Land and Life of C.S. Lewis, Part 3, St. Mark’s Church, Holywood Road
Is there evidence in C.S. Lewis's writings that support that his presence in this Belfast congregation shaped his ideas of pilgrimages at the end of life's journey/voyage? This article explores the significance of St. Mark's Church in his life and that of his family.

Richard Weikart
C.S. Lewis and the Death of Humanity, or Heeding C.S. Lewis’s Warnings against Dehumanizing Ideologies
We should take to heart Lewis's admonitions to resist the rising tide of dehumanizing philosophies. This article shows that the problems Lewis exposed are more pronounced today than in his time.

Randy Newman
A Welcome Change in Apologetics
Are we burdened for our friends who don't know the joy of the Gospel? This article encourages us to find words to tell people of their need for salvation and the astounding news that God has provided that salvation.

Thomas A. Tarrants, III
Seek after Holiness, Without Which No One Will See the Lord 
What is holiness? Why is it important? How do we attain it? These are some of the questions explored in this article.

Terry Peckarsky
Following Christ by Creating 
In this article, after exploring the topic of calling, a C.S. Lewis Fellow develops an artistic gift to create inspiring pictures in fabric.

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