Thursday 26 November 2015

The Asbury Journal 70, 2 (2015)

The latest issue of Asbury Journal, containing a few interesting-looking articles (I’ll definitely be checking out the one on Brueggemann and the one on preaching Isaiah), is available from here.

W. Creighton Marlowe
The Meaning and Missional Significance of “Call on the Name YHWH”

David Bundy
Pietist and Methodist Roots of the Société des Missions Évangéliques de Paris

George E. Hendricks and M. Elton Hendricks
Mr. Wesley, Since you Wanted to Help the Poor, Why did you Ignore the English Poor Law of your Day?

Zaida Maldonado Pérez
We Love God, the Holy Spirit!

Rachel L. Coleman
Walter Brueggemann’s Enduring Influence on Biblical Interpretation

Bill Thompson
Preaching Isaiah’s Message Today

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