Thursday 22 January 2015

Thomas Schreiner on Hebrews

In an earlier post, I drew attention to the launch this year of ‘Biblical Theology for Christian Proclamation’, a new 40-volume commentary series covering the Old and New Testaments, published by B&H.

Thomas R. Schreiner serves as one of the editors of the series, and there is an interview with him here, in which he is asked what will set this series apart. He responds:

‘What sets it apart is conveyed in the title for the series. The series is distinct in its focus on the biblical theology of each book. We have many commentaries that do an excellent job of unpacking the structure of the book being studied. They are also excellent in explaining the contribution of each verse. The BTCP series also explains each verse, but it does something different as well. The role each book plays in the whole canon of scripture is explored. Hence, the function of the particular book in relation to the whole canon is unpacked. Also, the major themes of the book in question are set forth. In a commentary, one can’t pull the threads of a theme together since we have verse-by-verse exposition, but in our series the major themes are explicated for readers.’

The first volume by Schreiner on Hebrews is due to be published in February, and there is a pdf sample of it here.

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