Monday 6 October 2014

Reframing New Testament Theology

I recently stumbled across a new series published by Abingdon Press – Reframing New Testament Theology – with Joel B. Green as its general editor. Joel Green has also produced the first volume in the series: Why Salvation? (Nashville: Abingdon, 2013).

In the Foreword, he notes the framing question for books in the series:

‘How do we take seriously that, together with the Old Testament, the New Testament has in the past and should in the present inform, form, and transform the church’s faith and life?’

And later:

‘What holds this series together is not a particular set of methodological commitments but a keen sense that scripture has in the past and should in the present instruct and shape the church’s faith and life. What does it mean to engage the New Testament from within the church and for the church?’

Green’s contribution on salvation is essentially a revision of a 2004 book published by Chalice Press in their ‘Understanding Biblical Themes’ series. I have always thought that series has been generally overlooked, so perhaps the book will get a wider audience in this new format.

Forthcoming volumes are promised on the cross (by Donald Senior), the church (by Robert W. Wall), and mission (by Dean Flemming).

Nijay Gupta has an interview with Joel Green about the series here.

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