Wednesday 9 July 2014

The Pacific Journal of Baptist Research

Just today I came across The Pacific Journal of Baptist Research, an open-access online journal published twice a year, ‘which aims to provide an international vehicle for scholarly research and debate in the Baptist tradition, with a special focus on the Pacific region’.

All issues are available online here as pdfs. Some of the essays are (understandably) focused on the history of, and issues related to, Baptist traditions in the Pacific region, but others offer a broader reach, including the following that caught my eye from a quick glance at tables of contents:

Graham Hill on atonement and healing – 8, 1 (2013)

Brendon Neilson on James McClendon – 7, 2 (2011)

A whole issue devoted to Stanley Grenz – 6, 1 (2010)

Andrew Picard on Baptist ecclesiology and missional church – 5, 1 (2009)

Myk Habets on anthropological dualism – 4, 1 (2008)

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