Friday 2 May 2014

The Canadian Bible Engagement Study

Sponsored by the Canadian Bible Forum, together with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and the Stronger Together Foundation, the Canadian Bible Engagement Study sampled 4,500 Canadians in every province about their use, beliefs about, and attitudes towards the Bible.

Published on 1 May 2014, the report found that ‘about one in seven Canadians, or 14%, read the Bible at least once a week’, and that ‘the majority of Canadians, including those who identify themselves as Christians, read the Bible either seldom or never’. 64% of Canadians – and 60% of those who identified themselves as Christians – agree that the Scriptures of all major religions teach essentially the same things.

As Scripture Engagement reports, ‘the survey showed that Canadians who are engaging most with the Scriptures have three behaviours in common: community (they are involved in a worshipping community), conversation (they discuss and explore the Bible with their friends) and confidence (they are confident it is the way to know God and hear from him).

A summary video, executive summary and full report can be seen here.

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