Sunday 16 March 2014

Hope’s Reason: A Journal of Apologetics 4 (2013)

The fourth volume of Hope’s Reason: A Journal of Apologetics (contents below) is now available online here as a pdf.

According to the website, the purpose of this journal is ‘to provide academically sound apologetic resources that will equip Christians (pastor and layperson) to engage critics and to answer the questions of seekers... to bridge the gap between the academic world and the needs of the local church’.

Andrew Rozalowsky
The Generalist and Specialist: Apologetics Calls in Tension

Chris Winchester
Did Jesus Even Exist? The Problematic Argument From Silence

J. Luis Dizon
Evangelical Responses to Historical Criticism of the Bible: A Brief Survey

Peter Jay Rasor II
Awakening From Anti-intellectual Slumber: A Clarion Call to Develop the Mind

Thaddeus J. Williams
Taqdir and Trinitas: Convergence and Contrast in Biblical and Sunni Concepts of Divine Power and Human Responsibility

Randy Everist
God, Moral Preferability Among Worlds, and the Actual World


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