Friday 25 October 2013

Ed Stetzer et al. on Christ-Centred Preaching and Teaching

A series of articles on Christ-centred hermeneutics first published on Ed Stetzer’s blog has been made available as a convenient pdf here (after a pain-free sign-up process).

Flowing out of work on The Gospel Project, for which Ed Stetzer is the general editor, it brings together brief contributions from Daniel Block, David Murray, Walt Kaiser, and Bryan Chapell, as well as Stetzer himself.

Stetzer writes in the Introduction the collection:

‘For the series, I brought a number of scholars to the blog to discuss the importance of Christ-centered hermeneutics. In the series, the authors looked at both the strengths and weaknesses of adopting this kind of hermeneutic...

‘This series was prompted by the question: How should we point to Jesus in our teaching?... The team of people working on The Gospel Project believe (as I do) that we should indeed be Christ-centered in our biblical interpretation, but that this Christ-centeredness must be built on balanced hermeneutical principles.’

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