Sunday 21 July 2013

Keswick Convention 2013 School of Stewardship

I had an enjoyable time last week in the Lake District, at Week 1 of the Keswick Convention 2013. Among other things, I was leading four seminars in a stream called the ‘School of Stewardship’. Although with the full support of LICC, by whom I am employed, I was largely doing these seminars on behalf of Stewardship, a great organisation staffed by some wonderful and lovely people.

The theme of the Convention this year is ‘The Transforming Trinity’, so we tried to allow the Christian conviction about the Trinity to shape our reflections on stewardship. Given how God has revealed himself – as Father, Son, and Spirit – and given who he is and how he works in the world and in us, what kind of stewards ought we to be? What might a theology of stewardship look like if we start with the creating God, the redeeming Christ, and the empowering Spirit?

Stewardship posted the handouts from each of the sessions on their website, currently available at the links below.

In addition, a fairly full list of resources (mostly books) is available here.

Stewardship have also posted links to several other helpful, practical documents.

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