Thursday 14 February 2013

Special Issue of Theology on C.S. Lewis

2013 sees the fiftieth anniversary of C.S. Lewis’ death and the journal Theology has just published a ‘virtual’ issue in recognition. Available here, it contains a collection of pieces by C.S. Lewis, along with an introduction by Alister McGrath, from which the below is taken:

‘The year 2013 is the fiftieth anniversary of the death of C. S. Lewis (1898–1963), who remains an active and influential voice in contemporary religious, cultural and literary discussions. This virtual edition of Theology, which marks this occasion, brings together a group of Lewis’s writings with quite a distinct identity and significance. All date from the opening years of the Second World War (1939–41), when Lewis was beginning to emerge as a significant Christian figure in British culture, particularly as a result of his The Problem of Pain (1940). It would not be until 1942, however, that Lewis became a household name in the UK, partly on account of the Screwtape Letters and his first series of wartime broadcast talks for the BBC. Narnia lay still further in the future. The voice we hear in these pieces is measured, reflective and intelligent, with no hint of the celebrity status which later attended his writings.’

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