Thursday 27 December 2012

International Bulletin of Missionary Research 37:1 (January 2013)

The latest issue of International Bulletin of Missionary Research carries the feature articles noted below.

Jonathan J. Bonk’s editorial – ‘The Image of God in Mission’ – reminds us that it ‘is essential that we honor the image of God in the individual men and women behind the data so that they are not mere objects of our research, subjects of our religious schemes, or the raw materials of our scholarly reputations or missiological successes, but children of God’.

Drawing on C.S. Lewis’ sermon, ‘The Weight of Glory’, he writes that ‘Christians dare not succumb to a reductionist, utilitarian view of other human beings, no matter how alien, how distant, or how exploitable they might be’.

Johan Mostert and Marvin Gilbert
Obtaining Informed Consent in Missiologically Sensitive Contexts

Stefan Paas
The Use of Social Data in the Evangelization of Europe: Methodological Issues

Gerald H. Anderson
Professional Academic Associations for Mission Studies

Mark Rogers
End Times Innovator: Paul Rader and Evangelical Missions

Roswith Gerloff
My Pilgrimage in Mission

Todd M. Johnson and Peter F. Crossing
Christianity 2013: Renewalists and Faith and Migration

John C.B. Webster
The Legacy of John Charles Heinrich

Arnold L. Cook
My Pilgrimage in Mission

Jonathan J. Bonk, with Erika Stalcup, Wendy Jennings, and Dwight P. Baker
Missiological Journals: A Checklist

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