Saturday 28 April 2012

Michael Horton on Christians and Politics

In response to someone’s query about a Christian approach to, and involvement in, politics, Michael Horton has what I consider to be a useful post here in which he offers some reflections. In all these points (which are expanded in the post), he says, it is important ‘to make distinctions without oppositions’.
(1) Distinguish Christ’s kingdom from the kingdoms of this age without seeing them as enemies.
(2) Distinguish common grace from saving grace.
(3) Distinguish between the church as institution from the church as its members.
(4) Distinguish between ‘necessary’ and ‘good’ consequences of Scripture.
(5) Distinguish between the sufficiency and scope of Scripture.
‘To conclude: Christians, of all people, should be concerned about the pressing issues in culture and society today. However, even in the same church, where people share the same faith, worldview, and values, there will be different applications, policies, and agendas. Where Scripture speaks, we speak; where it is silent, we don’t dare to speak in God’s name but as those who are attempting to apply our understanding of God’s Word and world to daily living in ways that are not explicitly or even implicitly determined by Scripture.’

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