Friday 16 March 2012

The Economist on the Rise of Evangelicalism in the Church of England

There is an interesting short article here, published in The Economist (10 March 2012), about the rise of evangelicalism in the Church of England:

‘As the number of people who are actively committed to the Church of England falls, the proportion of churchgoers who are serious about their faith – and its implications for private and public life – is growing. Peter Brierley, a collector of statistics on faith in Britain, reckons that 40% of Anglicans attend evangelical parishes these days, up from 26% in 1989.’

The piece ends with a comment from Simon Barrow (Ekklesia) who points out the ‘mixed bag’ nature of evangelicals in Anglicanism, noting that ‘Evangelicalism, like Anglicanism as a whole, is a fairly broad church’.

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