Wednesday 15 February 2012

D.A Carson on the Intolerance of Tolerance

I’m looking forward to getting and reading D.A. Carson’s latest book, The Intolerance of Tolerance, published by IVP in the UK and by Eerdmans elsewhere.

Meanwhile, here is a pdf excerpt of the book, and here is an interview with D.A. Carson about the topic of the book.

Here’s Carson responding to the question, Why should Christians care about intolerance if our neighbours still tolerate our private worship?

‘The lordship of Christ extends everywhere – to morality, aesthetics, social interaction, the rights and limitations of the state, and much more. Secularism thinks it is idealogically [sic] neutral, and that those who disagree with it are intolerant, and should therefore keep their opinions to the purely private sphere – but as popular as this view is, it is demonstrably silly and blind to its silliness. Thoughtful Christians will want to speak up in more arenas than that of private worship. The alternative is loss of freedom, and ultimately persecution – all in the name of tolerance.’

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