Thursday 1 December 2011

Lausanne World Pulse (December 2011)

The themed articles in December 2011’s Lausanne World Pulse – the last official issue to be published – are devoted to ‘Early Church Models of Evangelism and Mission’.

Jerry Root

Evangelism and the Early Church

What can we learn from the approaches employed by the early Church to reach others for Christ? Root shares five points: (1) their lives were transformed demonstrably by the love and forgiveness of Christ; (2) their love burned hot for Christ and found obedience to the Great Commission; (3) they made the most of the opportunities before them; (4) they demonstrated great creativity in sharing the gospel; and (5) they were not willing to let fear keep them from telling others about Jesus.

Dion Forster

When You Cannot Preach: A Case for Relational Evangelism

One may be surprised to see how simple, yet different, Jesus’ model of evangelism is when compared to many popular models used today. Dion discusses the importance of relational/friendship evangelism following a pattern of blessing people, building relationships, ministering to needs, and then preaching the gospel.

John Abraham Godson

Prayer in the Early Church

Prayer is one of the foundations upon which the early Church was built. It permeated and undergirded their actions and fellowship. Godson looks at how the early Church prayed, where they prayed, and for what they prayed. According to Godson, the early Church prayed without ceasing, individually, corporately, with the word of God, earnestly, and with thanksgiving.

Dale Schlafer

Ekklesia: A Call to Unity in the Body of Christ

We should be so connected relationally with other followers of the Lord Jesus that the non-believing world thinks we are one, the author writes. Biblical unity has been authorized by our Lord. The question for us is: are we doing it?

Carol Madison

Two New Prayer Tools to Fuel the Prayer Movement

The author shares two resources to expand prayer movements both nationally and internationally. Prayer Connect magazine (with the tagline: ‘Connecting to the Heart of Christ through Prayer’) published its premiere issue in July 2011. Praybook is a website that interfaces with Facebook as a tool to mobilize thousands of people to pray for thousands of ‘friends.’

The Executive Summary is available here, and the full version here.

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