Sunday 16 May 2010

Dialogue 34 (April 2010)

Here’s something I’ve enjoyed subscribing too for a fair number of years. Dialogue: A Journal of Religion and Philosophy was first published in 1993 to support the teaching of A-level Religious Studies in Britain – and it works very well in that role, covering key topics on the AS/A2 syllabus. I suspect there are others outside that immediate audience who pick it up for the same sorts of reasons I do: to benefit from its concise, introductory and overview-type articles (mostly in the field of philosophy of religion and ethics, but with some biblical studies too) by specialists in their areas.

Contents in the April 2010 issue are as follows:

Andrew Wright
Concepts of God: Biblical and Philosophical Perspectives

Richard Norman
Kantian Respect

Julian Baggini
Is Good Ethics Good Business?

Keith Ward
God’s Action in the World

Michael Lacewing
Arguments for Design

Julia Annas
Recent Approaches to Virtue Ethics

Joe Jenkins
Just War

It’s published twice a year, in November and April, at £18.50 for two issues.

Issues 1 to 20 are available in an archive.

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