Friday 24 July 2009

Andy McIntosh on Rescuing Darwin

Andy McIntosh, Review of Denis Alexander and Nick Spencer, Rescuing Darwin: God and Evolution in Britain Today (London: Theos, 2009), in Evangelicals Now (July 2009).

Having mentioned this report in an earlier post, and then offered some reflections of my own on some of the issues in a subsequent post, I thought I would link to this more critical review (by Andy McIntosh) of the report on Darwin by Denis Alexander and Nick Spencer.

He makes five complaints:

1. He is unhappy with the title of the report – Rescuing Darwin – since although Darwin was no atheist, nor was he a friend to biblical Christianity.

2. He claims that the report is misleading in arguing that the straightforward interpretation of Genesis 1 was not held until relatively recently.

3. He argues that the theology of sin, suffering and death espoused in the report contradicts biblical teaching, especially Romans 5 and 1 Corinthians 15.

4. He complains that the authors do not seem to be aware of the large body of science which supports a creation/flood position.

5. He takes issue with the authors’ criticisms of Intelligent Design.

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