Friday 8 May 2009

Theos on Faith and Darwin

Theos, a public theology think tank, kindly makes available a number of helpful reports related to Charles Darwin as part of ‘a wide-ranging project exploring the extent and nature of evolutionary and non-evolutionary beliefs in the UK today and their perceived relationship with theism and atheism’. The project is managed and run by Theos in partnership with the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion.

Caroline Lawes
Faith and Darwin: Harmony, Conflict, or Confusion?

Commissioned by Theos and conducted and analysed by ComRes, this study asked over 2,000 UK adults a range of questions on topics as wide-ranging as evolution, creationism, Intelligent Design, religion, purpose, humanity, design, and the nature and purpose of science.

Denis Alexander and Nick Spencer
Rescuing Darwin: God and Evolution in Britain Today

This report, written jointly by Nick Spencer of Theos and Denis Alexander of the Faraday Institute, seeks to argue that Darwinian evolution does not necessitate atheism, and that Christianity and evolution are compatible.

Denis Alexander and Nick Spencer have each published books recently addressing the same broad area:

Denis Alexander, Creation or Evolution: Do We Have to Choose? (Oxford: Monarch Books, 2008).

Nick Spencer, Darwin and God (London: SPCK, 2009).

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