Tuesday 24 February 2009


Catalyst is one of my favourite on-line resources for theology.

The most recent (February 2009) edition has the following essays:

Howard A. Snyder
Wesley the Environmentalist?

Wafik Wahba
Engaging Islam: Reflections on ‘A Common Word Between Us and You’

David Wilkinson
Christian Apologetics in a Post-Christian Culture

Henry H. Knight III
Consider Wesley

The articles are relatively short (normally no more than three-sides printed on A4), and they tend to contain handy distillations of larger areas of thought where a scholar who is working in a particular area summarises the state of play in that area.

Each edition also contains a very short piece on John Wesley (betraying the origins of the publication).

The collection of Back Issues has lots of good articles going back a number of years.

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