Friday 21 November 2008

Frederick J. Gaiser on First Peter as Advent Preacher

Frederick J. Gaiser, ‘“Where the Angels Long to Look!” First Peter as Advent Preacher’, Word & World 24, 4 (2004), 351-52.

Word & World’s 2004 themed issue on 1 Peter begins with an editorial suggestion from Frederick J. Gaiser to see the letter’s ‘call to a living hope and faithful obedience’, based ‘firmly in the promises of the Old Testament’, as providing material for a series of Advent sermons…

Where the Angels Long to Look:

• To salvation promised (1:1-25)
• To salvation revealed (2:1-10)
• To salvation lived (2:11-3:12)
• To salvation hoped (3:13-4:19 [5:1-14])

1 Peter reminds us that ‘because God’s grace is being revealed in Christ, we followers of Christ are called to holy living, both in our private and public lives, in ways that can transform the present age’.

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