Monday 4 May 2020

David Corbett on the Housing Crisis

The latest Cambridge Paper from the Jubilee Centre is available online here (from where a pdf can be downloaded), this one by David Corbett:

David Corbett, ‘“Birds Have Nests”: Biblical Reflections on the Housing Crisis’, Cambridge Papers 29, 1 (March 2020).

Here is the summary:

‘UK housing prices have risen faster than wages since the mid-1990s, leading to a reduced ability of young people to live in secure homes, and a housing affordability crisis. This paper argues the dominant supply and demand model misdiagnoses the causes of the crisis, and evades difficult questions. Biblical categories prompt a searching critique and can offer insights economics alone cannot provide. By emphasising the concepts of “stewardship” and “home”, there are opportunities for Christians to make a significant contribution in addressing the housing crisis.’

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