Wednesday 27 May 2020

Christian History Magazine on Science and Technology

The latest issue of Christian History Magazine is devoted to ‘How the Church Fostered Science and Technology’.

Here are some excerpts from the Editorial:

From the very earliest years of the Christian church, creation was taken to be a gift, made and given to us humans by a good God. And human reason was seen as an important part – even the most important part – of the image of God implanted in us at creation...

Furthermore, the Scientific Revolution was led by people of faith who pursued scientific and technological innovation out of Christian motives and understandings...

‘The thinkers we discuss in this issue – ranging from the late ancient period through the twenty-first century – knew that mathematical and naturalistic explanations do not preclude theological ones and that scientific understanding does not rule out awe and wonder. In fact it may aid them. They saw their study of science as reflecting their deeply rooted faith and their faith as being enriched by their increasing understanding of the scientific world. They weren’t scientists in spite of being Christians; they were scientists because they were Christians first.’

The whole magazine is available as a 19.1 MB pdf here.

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