Tuesday, 8 November 2011

MEDA and The Marketplace

MEDA, in this case, stands for Mennonite Economic Development Associates. I stumbled across their website in the course of doing some work on looking at business from a Christian perspective.

Their website describes MEDA as ‘creating business solutions to poverty’.

‘For more than 50 years, MEDA has been designing and implementing innovative and effective market-driven economic development programs that improve the livelihoods of millions of people living in poverty around the world.

‘Founded by a small group of service-oriented business people, MEDA has grown to become a large, dynamic international organization comprised of thousands of members and supporters across North America and Europe. MEDA believes its work is not done until it is proven to be sustainable, replicable, scalable and measurable.

MEDA produces a magazine called The Marketplace, which carries some interesting-looking pieces I’ll be reading more closely. The archive, with downloadable pdfs, is here.

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brett jordan said...

have they ever thought of employing the strapline "taking the 'i' out of 'media'"?