Thursday, 10 November 2011

Interpretation 66, 4 (October 2011) on Climate Change

The latest issue of Interpretation is devoted to climate change – ‘Creation Groaning’ – with the following main articles:

Theodore Hiebert

Reclaiming the World: Biblical Resources for the Ecological Crisis

The Bible believes this world is our home, the primary place we live and practice our faith. It provides us ways of reinventing our role in the world and gives us reasons for human faithfulness to it even when the crisis we have created for the world looks impossibly desperate.

Rosemary Radford Ruether

Ecology and Theology: Ecojustice at the Center of the Church’s Mission

This essay examines two major biblical and theological traditions for ecological commitment: the covenantal tradition, biblical and modern, and the sacramental tradition, biblical and modern. It also asks how we need to reclaim these traditions in the practice of the churches today.

Larry Rasmussen

New Wineskins
This essay explores the conversion of various Christianities to an “Earth-honoring” faith with a moral universe different from the one presently at home in most heads, hearts, and practices. Such reborn faith and morality would be new cloth, new wineskins.

William Schlesinger

Climate Change
Atmospheric physicists show us that rising concentrations of certain greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere should raise the temperature of the planet at rates, times, and places that are consistent with recent observations of ongoing climate change – that is, global warming. It will take great leadership to guide us to a sustainable future before we experience huge destructive impacts on the environment of our only planetary home.

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