Tuesday 17 May 2011

Leslie Leyland Fields on Bible Smartphone Apps

Leslie Leyland Fields, ‘People of the Nook’, Christianity Today (16 May 2011).

Leslie Leyland Fields writes a short piece on ‘what Bible smartphone apps tell us about the Book’.

Here’s how she finishes:

‘This unprecedented ability to carry the words of God almost weightlessly everywhere I go, and to read them on the same device that helps me manage my life, strikes me as utterly theologically fitting. I am reminded of the priesthood of all believers, and the Scriptures’ self-definition as the “words of life” – meaning, surely, at least this: words that are to inform and infuse every part of our lives, commingling with breath mints, photos, and phone calls.

‘We may forget at times the lineage of these words, but our eagerness to put the Scriptures onto scrolls first, and onto electronic screens much later, is more than a love of invention and gadgetry, I believe. It’s a timeless need for life-giving truths. It’s love for the Book.’

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