Tuesday 24 May 2011

Foundations 60 (Spring 2011) on Scripture

After a break in its publication, the first online edition of Foundations: An International Journal of Evangelical Theology, published by Affinity, is now freely available (here).

This edition contains some of the papers given at the Affinity Theological Studies Conference, held in February 2011, which was devoted to the doctrine and function of Scripture in the 21st century.

The contents are as follows:

Carl R. Trueman

Is the Princeton View of Scripture an Enlightenment Innovation?

Peter Naylor

Lost in the Old Testament? Literary Genres and Evangelical Hermeneutics

Greg Beale

The Right Doctrine, Wrong Texts: Can we follow the Apostles’ Doctrine but not their Hermeneutic?

Stephen Clark

The Use of the Bible in the Church

Hywel R. Jones

Preaching the Word in the Power of the Holy Spirit

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