Saturday 5 March 2011

Southern Baptist Journal of Theology 14, 4 (2010) on Puritanism

The most recent edition of the Southern Baptist Journal of Theology is devoted to Puritanism. As usual, there are are some sample pieces online, including the Editorial by Stephen Wellum.

After some comments, via C.S. Lewis, about the dangers of neglecting the past, and a few historical points, Wellum notes four things for contemporary evangelicals to learn from the Puritans:

‘Probably what the contemporary, evangelical church can learn most from the Puritans is how to live a whole life to God’s glory. Four examples will suffice. First, their writings on the Christian life – Christian spirituality, communion with God, meditating on Scripture with the goal of applying God’s Word to every area of our lives – are a needed antidote to our present spiritual poverty and superficiality. Second, their theological works which unpack and defend the great truths of the Christian faith – the doctrines of the Trinity, original sin, the person and work of Christ, the work of the Spirit, and so on – are must reading for today given our massive theological compromises in so many of these areas. Third, their love for the purity and holiness of the church, their gospel ministry, and their encouragement to Christian ministers to preach and teach the Scriptures in season and out, desperately need to be heard today, especially by those who sense God’s call on their lives to serve the church of the living God. Fourth, their example of how to contend for the truth and joyfully live their lives in light of eternity especially in the face of suffering and persecution is something the evangelical church has to learn.’

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